Iman Sultan is a student, writer, journalist and activist, currently based in Philadelphia. Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, Sultan was born in the U. S. and grew up in diaspora with periodic visits back to Pakistan. In 2014, she became politically active with Temple Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and she served as President of the organization from 2015 to 2016. At this same time, she joined the Ferguson to Philly Movement in the wake of the Mike Brown verdict, and she was a coordinating member of People Utilizing Real Power (PURP), a now defunct youth organization based in North Philly that mobilized against racism, gentrification and police brutality. In early 2016, she helped organize the Black Radical Tradition conference, a historic conference which addressed the state of the racial justice movement today, where she moderated the panel “Black Women in the Black Radical Tradition.”

Sultan’s writing, reporting, and research interests focus on political organizing, postcolonialism, nationalism, race and gender, culture, literary criticism, class, Pakistan, cities, political violence, transnational Islam, gentrification and development, and everything else in between.

Sultan is a freelance writer and takes writing and editing commissions. You can email her at imanwsultan at gmail dot com and tweet her @churayl.


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